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 Custom Power BI Solutions

Our Microsoft Power BI services offer tailored solutions for data visualization, real-time analytics, and seamless data integration, ensuring you make data-driven decisions with confidence.

What do we do

Data Preparation & Integration

Acquire data from diverse sources and consolidate it securely into a centralized hub. Seamlessly deploy data across in-cloud, on-premise, or hybrid platforms.

Mobile BI Applications

Tailor-made mobile apps promoting scalability, enhanced connectivity, broader broadband coverage, and extensive data storage capabilities.

Real-Time Visual Data Analysis

Craft bespoke interactive visual analytics dashboards for live data analysis. Utilize graphs, tables, charts, and an intuitive interface for monitoring critical insights.

Unified Business Insights

Connect KPIs, dashboards, and reports within a secure and user-friendly portal. Experience a comprehensive view of analytics in a unified setup.

Security Compliance & Governance

Utilize SecureKey Authorization technology for advanced security measures. Govern accessibility permissions effectively on a scalable level.

Develop embedded analytics platforms seamlessly integrating with applications or self-service portals. Utilize API & SAML authentication for a smooth integration experience.

Case study (Sales funnel analysis)

Our Sales Funnel report tracks your sales pipeline, from lead generation to deal closing. With interactive visualizations, you can track the progress of each lead, identify bottlenecks in your sales process, filter by location, campaign, brand, team and executive performance. and make data-driven decisions that improve conversion rates and drive revenue growth.

We serve southern California

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