About us

Welcome to CALBILAB, your destination for expert data analytics and visualization services. I'm Waseem Hartak, a seasoned data analyst with over a decade of experience in the automotive industry. My goal at CALBILAB is to empower businesses by transforming raw data into actionable insights using Microsoft Power BI. As a proficient Power BI consultant, I help you uncover vital trends, enabling informed decision-making and growth.

Beyond Power BI, I possess extensive knowledge in CRM, automation, and the Microsoft 365 platform. I stay updated with industry trends and technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions. At CALBILAB, I collaborate closely with clients to deliver tailored solutions, whether you seek streamlined data analysis, dynamic dashboards, or visually captivating reports.

For all your data analytics and visualization needs, trust CALBILAB as your dedicated partner. Reach out today to unleash your data's full potential.

Waseem Hartak